Shiloh Strong Foto


Shiloh Strong is a "Visual Jack of All Trades" - a Photographer, Writer, and Filmmaker living in downtown Los Angeles.

He loves to take photos and tell dramatic, funny, charismatic stories through his photography.

He grew up running around the forests of Northern California, getting kicked out of pre-school for being naked and biting, but always dabbling in all things creative. He took pictures, performed magic shows, made films with his family and friends, acted in plays and made some really awful pottery.

After a random and mildly successful acting career in Los Angeles he chose to pursue his true passion of being a photographer and motion picture director and jumped behind the camera.

He ventured off to the distant lands of Santa Barbara to explore light and composition where he graduated with honors from The Brooks Institute with a focus on Advertising Photography.

Shiloh's work has been featured in Digital Photo Pro, Backstage Magazine and garnered him 4 International Photography (Lucie) Awards.

As well as photography Shiloh's passion has also been the moving image and he and his brother write and direct together. Together they form the team known as: "The Strong Brothers Magic Show". They’re kind of like filmmaking Power Rangers, or Voltron...but with only two of them and they don't turn into robots...yet.

Their short films have screened at over 30 film festivals and won multiple awards including the "Online Best Short" award at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival competition.

Now Shiloh is all grown up (not really) and pursuing his various creative endeavors in photography, motion picture and "graphic novel writing.".

When he's not running around with his head cut off he can likely be found floating on some fiberglass in the Pacific. Sometimes he stands on it. The fiberglass. On a wave. It's a board. Surfing. He'll be surfing.